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Cobra HM381 Manual Cylinder Mower Review

Rating: 4.3 out of 5 (from 279 reviews)

The Cobra HM381 Manual Cylinder Mower features a high-quality 38cm (15in) 5-bladed cylinder that delivers a precise, clean cut for your lawn. This hand-push mower is environmentally friendly, requiring no fuel or electricity. It offers four adjustable heights of cut, ranging from 13mm to 38mm, perfect for achieving a closely cut, manicured lawn. The included grass collector ensures clippings are neatly caught, with a quick-release catch for easy emptying. The rear roller provides traditional lawn stripes and allows for easy mowing over border edges. Enjoy peace of mind with a 2-year warranty.

Image of Cobra HM381 Manual Cylinder Mower

What users think:

Most users found the Cobra HM381 Manual Cylinder Mower to be an good solution for maintaining small lawns. For those with limited storage space, its compact size was particularly appealing. Many appreciated how easy it was to assemble and use. They noted that it cuts impressively well for a manual push mower, taking about 20 minutes to mow a small lawn. The grass collector, while needing a small bungee cord to optimize its angle, was effective in catching clippings. Users also mentioned that it handled newly-sown lawns perfectly, offering clean cuts without damaging the grass.

On the positive side, users highlighted several key advantages. The mower is lightweight and easy to store, making it convenient for those with limited shed space. Assembly is straightforward, and the mower provides an even cut, ideal for small to medium-sized lawns. Additionally, it’s praised for being environmentally friendly, requiring no electricity or fuel.

However, there were also some drawbacks noted by users. The plastic wheels can skid on dry grass, occasionally digging up the lawn. The grass collector needs frequent emptying to prevent jamming, which can be a bit of a hassle. Some users found that it struggles with grass over 2 inches tall, making it time-consuming to mow taller lawns. Cornering with the mower isn't easy, and it requires a bit of effort to manage tough weed grasses, often needing multiple passes.

Overall, users felt the Cobra HM381 Manual Cylinder Mower is a practical choice for small lawns, offering a good balance of performance and convenience, despite a few minor inconveniences.

Direct quotes from owners:

Although some people don’t like the idea of muscle power to push your lawnmower, I find that this is ideal and leaves a nice pattern on the lawn

The build of this mechanical mower is sound but unfortunately the design is bad. The roller flattens the grass on the first pass and since you need the grass to be upright to cut, only a third of the grass gets cut. Annoying because 2nd and 3rd passes are totally ineffective if the grass is rolled flat. You can't remove the roller because it's sealed in. Furthermore, the roller is integral to the height adjustment of the cut so if you sawed it off you would only have the the lowest cut- not good if you maintain the one third rule when reviving lawns. Lastly, some people don't want stripes on their cottage garden lawns but with this mower you have no choice about that. I wouldn't recommend it.

A hover or rotary would probably trim the weed grasses shorter but scalping a lawn is never a good idea in warm weather. The grass collector works fine and collects enough for my liking. It's an excellent mower for a small to medium-size lawn - lightweight, stores easily and is a pleasure to use.

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