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Stihl RMA 235 Cordless Lawnmower Review

Rating: 4.4 out of 5 (from 24 reviews)

The Stihl RMA 235 is a lightweight, cordless lawn mower designed for small lawns. Its 33 cm (13") cutting width, adjustable cutting height, and flow-optimised blades ensure efficient and precise mowing. The mower features a central cutting height adjustment with multiple levels, making it easy to achieve the desired grass length. With a 30-litre grass collection box that includes a fill level display, users can easily monitor and empty clippings, while the foldable handle and integrated carrying handle make transport and storage convenient. The mower's polymer housing offers high resistance to heat and UV radiation, ensuring durability.

Designed for ease of use, the Stihl RMA 235 incorporates easy-running wheels with a traction pattern for effortless manoeuvring. The automatic eco mode adapts the motor speed to the required power, conserving battery life and extending the mower's working area. When paired with the recommended AK 20 battery, the mower can cover up to 300 m² on a single charge. Additionally, the mower's lightweight build, at only 14 kg, allows for easy handling and operation, making it an ideal choice for maintaining small lawns efficiently.

The innovative features of the Stihl RMA 235, such as the foldable grass catcher box and eco mode, enhance its practicality and performance. The grass catcher box utilises a unique airflow system to optimise filling and protect the user from dust and dirt. The flow-optimised blade reduces resistance and conserves battery energy, while the easy-to-adjust cutting height ensures the lawn is tailored to the user's preference. Overall, the Stihl RMA 235 is a versatile, eco-friendly lawn mower that combines convenience, efficiency, and durability for optimal lawn care.

Image of Stihl RMA 235 Cordless Lawnmower

What users think:

Users thought that the Stihl RMA 235 lawn mower offered solid construction and ease of use. They appreciated its lightweight design, which made maneuvering around small lawns effortless. Many found the battery life impressive, noting that it lasted a long time on a single charge, allowing them to cover a substantial area without frequent recharging. The grass collection system also received praise for its efficiency, effectively gathering clippings and leaving lawns neat and tidy.

However, users also noted some drawbacks. One common complaint was that the grass box filled up very quickly, requiring frequent emptying, which interrupted the mowing process. Additionally, some found the handle to be uncomfortable during extended use, which could detract from the overall mowing experience. Despite these issues, users generally felt that the positives of the Stihl RMA 235, including its good construction, ease of use, and effective grass collection, made it a reliable choice for small lawn maintenance.

Direct quotes from owners:

What I particularly love is the ease of use thanks to the electric battery. I mean, compared to a gasoline engine, it doesn't cost me anything anymore, it used to cost me just under 20 euros for a full trip and now I charge the battery via island solar and everything is running

I have lots of small lawns, so I chose the slim model. I'm very impressed. The investment paid off.

Handy and powerful device.

Price: £435

(at time of writing)

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