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Mountfield Battery Lawnmower Electress 38 Li Review

Rating: 4.5 out of 5 (from 98 reviews)

The Mountfield Electress 38 Li Kit battery lawnmower is a powerful and efficient solution for maintaining your lawn. Equipped with a 40L grass collector, this lawnmower ensures effective grass collection and minimizes the need for frequent emptying. The rust-proof chassis enhances the durability and longevity of the mower, providing reliable performance over time.

Featuring a cutting width of 15 inches (38 cm) and an adjustable cutting height ranging from 1.0 to 3.0 inches (25-75 mm), the Mountfield Electress 38 Li Kit is well-suited for lawns up to 350 square meters. This versatile range of cutting options allows users to achieve their desired grass length, catering to individual preferences and varying lawn conditions.

The hand-propelled design of the Electress 38 Li Kit ensures user-friendly operation, providing intuitive control and ease of maneuverability. The lawnmower's intuitive operation allows for efficient mowing, making the task less laborious and time-consuming. Additionally, the reduced noise and vibration levels contribute to a more comfortable mowing experience, minimizing disruption to yourself and those around you.

One of the notable advantages of the Mountfield Electress 38 Li Kit is its lightweight construction, weighing in at only 26 lbs (12 kg). This lightweight design enhances maneuverability and ease of transportation, allowing you to navigate around your lawn with minimal effort.

Image of Mountfield Battery Lawnmower Electress 38 Li

What users think:

The Mountfield Battery Lawnmower Electress 38 Li has received mixed feedback from users. Owners appreciate its lightweight design, making it easy to maneuver and transport around the yard. The mower's portability is especially valued by users with larger lawns or those who may struggle with heavier equipment.

Users also commend the convenience of charging the battery. With a simple and straightforward charging process, owners find it easy to keep the lawnmower ready for use whenever needed. The quick and efficient charging capability adds to the overall user-friendly experience.

The adjustable features of the Mountfield Electress 38 Li are also appreciated by owners. The ability to adjust cutting height allows users to achieve desired grass lengths, catering to individual preferences and varying lawn conditions. This feature contributes to the mower's versatility and adaptability.

However, some users have expressed concerns about the noise level produced by the Mountfield Electress 38 Li. While it is not excessively loud, owners note that it emits a noticeable noise during operation. This aspect may be a consideration for users who value quieter lawn care equipment.

Another aspect mentioned by users is that the handle of the lawnmower feels somewhat flimsy. Although it doesn't affect the overall performance, some owners find this aspect slightly disappointing, as they would prefer a sturdier handle for added durability and stability.

Additionally, some users have reported that the Mountfield Electress 38 Li struggles when cutting wet grass.

Direct quotes from owners:

Previously had a petrol mower and this cordless mower is much louder and kind of screeches, but Mountfield say it is normal. Hope our neighbours don’t mind. The mower itself was easy to put together and is easy to use. Batteries easy to charge up and are long lasting.

I’ve waited to put this review in till we’ve used the mower for a few months. It's really good. I hadn't realised how much of mowing time was managing the cable. It’s probably three times quicker with this cordless than my old Flymo. Battery life is good, occasionally I need a recharge if I want to cut three areas over an hour or more . It's light to handle and the height adjustment works well. It does struggle more than the flymo with long wet grass.

Considerably lighter than the 20 year old petrol mower (from the same manufacturer) it’s replacing but I was pleased that it still coped with the first cut of the year when the grass was quite long and damp, also cuts the bamboo shoots where they spread into the lawn. Not sure of the square footage, but so far it's cut front and back gardens of a typical 1960s 3 bed detached house twice and only used one bar on the batteries. Great not to have to either cope with a cable or trying to start a petrol mower. One minor thing- I find the power lever feels a bit fragile and it can pinch the palm of my hand.

Price: £279

(at time of writing)

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