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Cobra MX3440V 40v Lithium-ion Cordless Hand Propelled Lawnmower Review

Rating: 4.5 out of 5 (from 57 reviews)

The Cobra MX3440V cordless Lithium-ion lawnmower offers an exceptional blend of performance and style, providing a hassle-free alternative to petrol or electric mowers. With its impressive features, this lawnmower allows users to accomplish more without the limitations of cables or the need for petrol.

Featuring a hand-propelled design and a durable polymer deck, the MX3440V ensures reliable operation and longevity. The lawnmower offers 5 cutting heights, providing flexibility to achieve desired grass lengths based on individual preferences and lawn conditions.

Powered by a Samsung 40V Lithium-ion battery, the Cobra MX3440V delivers a quiet yet powerful performance. The lightweight nature of the battery contributes to the ease of manoeuvrability while maintaining impressive cutting capabilities. Thanks to the Cobra 40V Lithium-ion technology, the lawnmower is always ready to use, as it does not suffer from self-discharge and does not have a memory effect. This ensures consistent performance and eliminates any concerns about battery reliability.

The Cobra MX3440V comes complete with a 40V Samsung Lithium-ion battery with a capacity of 2.5Ah, providing ample power for efficient mowing. The included charger allows for quick and convenient recharging, with an approximate charge time of 1.25 hours.

With a grass bag capacity of 35 litres, the MX3440V ensures efficient grass collection, reducing the need for frequent emptying during mowing sessions. The lawnmower's weight of 16.3kg, coupled with its polymer deck, strikes a balance between sturdiness and portability.

As a testament to its quality and reliability, the Cobra MX3440V cordless lawnmower is backed by a 2-year domestic warranty, providing peace of mind to owners.

Image of Cobra MX3440V 40v Lithium-ion Cordless Hand Propelled Lawnmower

What users think:

The Cobra MX3440V 40v Lithium-ion Cordless Hand Propelled Lawnmower has received mostly positive feedback from users. Owners appreciate its lightweight design, which makes it easy to maneuver and operate, reducing user fatigue during mowing sessions. The lawnmower's portability is particularly valued by users with larger lawns or those who may struggle with heavier equipment.

Users also find the grass collector on the MX3440V to be of good size, allowing for efficient grass collection without the need for frequent emptying. This feature saves time and effort, enabling users to cover more ground before needing to dispose of the collected grass clippings.

The performance of the battery is another aspect appreciated by owners. The good battery life provides sufficient power to complete mowing tasks without interruption, allowing users to work consistently and efficiently. The reliable battery performance contributes to a seamless and enjoyable mowing experience.

However, some users have reported issues with the reliability of the Cobra MX3440V. While not all owners experienced problems, a subset of users mentioned concerns regarding the durability and consistent performance of the lawnmower over time.

Direct quotes from owners:

Have only used it twice but so far delighted all round. Battery charged only once and still plenty left. Very lightweight construction and easy to manoeuvre. Good size grass box. As yet absolutely no negatives.

One wheel fell off when assembling the product- managed to find a spring clip set from a neighbour to fit the spring clip correctly. Should have been checked before despatch

Went together very well. Battery charge is fast. And did all my grass on one charge. In fact I had 2 led lights left on charge when finished. My back area is 90x60feet and front 40x60feet. Worth every penny!

Price: £205

(at time of writing)

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