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Einhell Power X-Change 18/33 Cordless Lawnmower Review

Rating: 4.4 out of 5 (from 4,253 reviews)

Experience 'cordless convenience' with the Einhell GE-CM 18/33 Li Lawnmower. Part of the Power X-Change family, this mower is powered by a brushless motor for longer run times without mechanical wear.

Designed for small to medium lawns up to 200 square meters, it offers a 33cm cutting width and 5-level central height adjustment (25mm to 65mm). The mower includes a 30L grass box with a fill level indicator and features impact-resistant plastic housing, large wheels for lawn protection, and a foldable handle for compact storage and easy transport.

Image of Einhell Power X-Change 18/33 Cordless Lawnmower

What users think:

Despite its compact size, the Einhell GE-CM 18/33 Li demonstrated sufficient power to handle typical small lawn tasks effectively. Users found it particularly adept at cutting through taller, damp grass with ease, thanks to its decent cutting width and robust motor performance. However, the mower's battery life emerged as a significant concern, lasting only around 15 minutes under continuous operation, which limits its utility for larger areas.

One of the standout features of the mower is its adjustable cutting height, offering users flexibility in maintaining their lawn to desired lengths. Yet, feedback highlighted the small size of the grass collection basket, necessitating frequent stops to empty it during mowing sessions. This limitation, coupled with the relatively short battery runtime, suggests that the Einhell GE-CM 18/33 Li is best suited for small lawns of up to approximately 100 square meters.

Overall, while the Einhell GE-CM 18/33 Li Cordless Lawnmower excels in terms of ease of use, manoeuvrability, and cutting performance for small lawns, its short battery life and small grass collection basket may pose challenges for users with larger areas to maintain. Potential buyers should consider these factors carefully to ensure the mower meets their specific lawn care needs.

Direct quotes from owners:

Positives: very easy to assemble, very lightweight and decent power. 4x height adjustments.
Negatives: very small basket, battery lasts 20-25 minutes (including stoppages).
I would say this is good for very small lawns. It ran out of charge before reaching 200m/sq as advertised. It would be great if the basket had more capacity too.

I’m impressed with this mower. It was easy to assemble and feels good quality. It is light and easy to use. It cut though tall wet grass with ease. The only negative is the battery life. It only seems to have charge for 15 minutes so only suitable for small lawn.

Very light but appears well built. Easily put together although battery is a little difficult to insert. Cuts well with a decent battery life.

Price: £ 169.99

(at time of writing)

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