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Rio de Janeiro Botanical Gardens

The Rio de Janeiro Botanical Garden, known locally as the Jardim Botanico, is a renowned botanical garden located in the heart of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Established in 1808, the garden is one of the most important and comprehensive botanical research institutions in the country.

Location: Rio de Janeiro, Brazil


The Rio de Janeiro Botanical Garden was founded by Dom Joao VI, the Prince Regent of Brazil, as a way to acclimate spices like cinnamon and pepper imported from the West Indies. Over the years, its focus evolved to encompass a wide variety of plant species from different parts of the world.


Situated at the foot of the Corcovado Mountain, the botanical garden covers an area of approximately 140 hectares (about 346 acres). It is surrounded by the historic neighbourhoods of Jardim Botanico and Gavea.

Plant Collections

The garden is home to a vast and diverse collection of plants, including both Brazilian and international species. Visitors can explore themed gardens such as the Japanese Garden, the Sensorial Garden, and the Lagoon Garden. The orchid collection is particularly notable, featuring a variety of native Brazilian orchids.

Imperial Palms Avenue

One of the iconic features of the Rio de Janeiro Botanical Garden is the impressive Imperial Palms Avenue. This palm-lined pathway stretches for 750 meters, creating a majestic entrance to the garden.

Historical Structures

The garden houses several historical buildings and structures, including the Victoria House, which was once used to cultivate Victoria amazonica, a giant water lily. The Research and Plant Introduction Center is another important structure where botanical research and conservation efforts take place.

Research and Conservation

Apart from being a popular tourist destination, the botanical garden plays a crucial role in botanical research and conservation. It houses herbaria, laboratories, and a library, supporting scientific studies and educational programs.

Education and Events

The Rio de Janeiro Botanical Garden is actively involved in educational initiatives, offering workshops, courses, and guided tours to visitors. It also hosts cultural events, art exhibitions, and environmental awareness programs.

UNESCO World Heritage Site

In 1992, the Rio de Janeiro Botanical Garden was designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It is recognised for its historical significance, the richness of its botanical collections, and its contribution to scientific research and education.


The garden is easily accessible to both locals and tourists, providing a peaceful retreat from the bustling city. Visitors can enjoy leisurely strolls through the lush greenery, explore the themed gardens, and learn about the diverse plant life.

The Rio de Janeiro Botanical Garden stands as a testament to Brazil's rich botanical heritage and remains a vital centre for research, conservation, and public education in the field of botany.

(Image:By Anacarla az - Creative Commons)

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To find out more about Rio de Janeiro Botanical Gardens, or if you want to visit, Click Here.

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