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Royal Botanic Gardens Victoria

Royal Botanic Gardens Victoria (RBGV) is a renowned botanical garden located in Melbourne, Australia. It is one of the oldest and largest botanical gardens in the country, serving as a vital centre for botanical research, conservation, education, and public enjoyment.

Location: Melbourne, Australia


The garden traces its origins back to 1846 when the Melbourne Botanic Garden was established. It was founded with the aim of introducing and studying useful and ornamental plants from around the world. In 1857, the gardens expanded with the creation of the adjoining Domain parkland, forming what is now known as the Royal Botanic Gardens Victoria.

Location and Layout:

RBGV is located in the heart of Melbourne, covering an area of 38 hectares (94 acres). It is situated adjacent to the city centre, along the southern bank of the Yarra River. The gardens are divided into two main sections: Melbourne Gardens and Cranbourne Gardens.

Melbourne Gardens:

Melbourne Gardens is the main site and is home to a diverse range of plant collections, stunning landscapes, and historical features. It features picturesque lawns, lakes, ornamental beds, and walking paths that wind through various themed gardens.

Cranbourne Gardens:

Cranbourne Gardens is located around 45km southeast of Melbourne and spans over 363 hectares (897 acres). It is dedicated to showcasing Australian flora and is designed to promote conservation, education, and research related to native plants. Cranbourne Gardens is also home to the Australian Garden, an award-winning showcase of Australian landscapes and plant species.

Plant Collections and Features:

Ornamental Gardens:

RBGV boasts a range of beautifully designed ornamental gardens, including the Rose Garden, Herb Garden, Perennial Border, Camellia Collection, and the stunning Guilfoyle's Volcano.

Australian Plant Collections:

RBGV is renowned for its extensive collection of native Australian plants, showcasing the remarkable diversity of the continent's flora. These collections include Eucalyptus, Banksia, Acacia, Proteaceae, and various species from different ecosystems.

Tropical Glasshouse:

The Tropical Glasshouse is a popular attraction within Melbourne Gardens. It provides a controlled environment that supports the growth of tropical plants, including a range of exotic palms, cycads, and tropical flowers.

Research and Conservation:

RBGV is dedicated to advancing botanical knowledge and contributing to the conservation of plant species. It conducts scientific research, hosts a herbarium with extensive plant specimens, and collaborates with national and international organisations on conservation projects.

Education and Visitor Experience:

RBGV offers a range of educational programs, guided tours, workshops, and exhibitions for visitors of all ages. It provides opportunities to learn about plants, gardening, environmental conservation, and indigenous culture. The gardens also host events, such as concerts, festivals, and art exhibitions.


RBGV provides various amenities for visitors, including cafes, restaurants, picnic areas, and gift shops. These facilities enhance the overall visitor experience and offer opportunities to relax and enjoy the surroundings.

Community Engagement:

RBGV actively engages with the local community through initiatives such as community gardens, volunteering opportunities, and partnerships with schools and community organisations. It aims to promote environmental awareness, sustainability, and the appreciation of plants and nature.

Royal Botanic Gardens Victoria is an important cultural and environmental asset in Melbourne, offering a serene oasis in the heart of the city. It's diverse plant collections, commitment to research and conservation, educational programs, and stunning landscapes make it a beloved destination for locals and tourists alike. Whether for leisurely strolls, educational experiences, or exploring the beauty of Australian flora, RBGV provides a memorable and enriching botanical experience.

(Image:By Wpcpey - Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0,

Find out more:

To find out more about Royal Botanic Gardens Victoria , or if you want to visit, Click Here.

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