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Bosch AXT 25 D Garden Shredder Review

Rating: 4.0 out of 5 (from 220 reviews)

The AXT 25 D Shredder is engineered for tackling substantial garden waste tasks with ease. Featuring a robust, brushless 2,500-watt induction motor, this shredder delivers rapid and efficient shredding. Its high-torque drum cutter is capable of handling branches up to 40 mm thick, transforming them into nutrient-rich compost material.

The automated fast-feed hopper, easily attached to the top of the shredder, has a wide chute for safely and efficiently processing large debris loads. Additionally, the shredder comes with a convenient collection box that holds up to 53 litres of wood chips, reducing the need for frequent trips to the compost heap and enabling quicker work completion.

The shredded clippings produced by the AXT 25 D are perfect for use as mulch, helping to retain moisture in the soil and prevent weed growth.

Image of Bosch AXT 25 D Garden Shredder

What users think:

The AXT 25 D Shredder has received mixed, but mostly positive, reviews from people who have used it. It excels with thick, brittle sticks, efficiently handling branches around 0.5 - 2.5 cm in diameter and the warranty repair service has also been commended.

However, the shredder can struggle with soft stems and leafy materials, frequently 'gumming up' the machine. The pressure plate wears away quickly, and finding the optimal adjustment for the pressure knob can be tricky.

One user pointed out that despite the machine's robust build, it feels overly safety-conscious and cumbersome to operate compared to older models.

Overall, the AXT 25 D Shredder offers robust performance for specific tasks but comes with notable limitations.

Direct quotes from owners:

A great shredder but it too heavy for moving around on grass or uneven ground.

I wrongly hoped this would replace my old Bosch shredder which finally met its end after many years of faithful loyal dependable work. I suspect it felt a happy release!! The old one never jammed, shredded superbly and was safe to use.

This one did none of the above and was so "safety conscious" it was impossible to get at unless it was disassembled...Bring back the older design!

Great shredder for general garden use. Chops up small branches easily but not so great on green shrubbery etc, can get clogged easily on stuff like that but is easy enough to clear. Better with dry material but I'm happy enough with it for the purpose I bought it for. Small and dry things work well but don't expect it to shred a Leylandii easily, it doesn't like soft green material too much.

Price: £398.00

(at time of writing)

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