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Don't Be an Accidental Garden Law Breaker!

Thousands of British gardeners are at risk of becoming unwitting criminals due to a lack of knowledge of basic gardening laws, experts have claimed. Now experts from GardenBuildingsDirect.co.uk have published the top seven little known gardening laws to help Britons understa...Read More

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Head to Levens Gardens to Celebrate World Topiary Day

Levens Hall and Gardens, near Kendal in the southern Lake District, will be thrilling visitors arriving on May 12 with activities designed to celebrate its inaugural World Topiary Day. Levens Hall’s gardens are home to the world’s oldest topiary garden, founde...Read More

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Unprecedented Access to Kew in New TV Series

A new four-part TV series will launch on Channel 5 on Thursday 13 May 2021 at 8pm, following the work of the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew. Filmed at both Kew Gardens and Wakehurst, Kew’s wild botanic garden in Sussex, this series takes viewers behind the scenes, giving a...Read More

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Learn about How to: Maintenance Pruning
Learn about  How to Care for Early-Flowering Clematis
How to: Maintenance Pruning

Difficulty: 2 / 5

Learn about How to take Dahlia cuttings
Learn about How to grow a Blueberry in a Container
How to take Dahlia cuttings

Difficulty: 3 / 5

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Learn which plant pests attack which types of fruit.
Fruit Pests
Learn when and how to prune different types of plants
Pruning Guide
Learn which plants will grow in your soil
Soil pH Guide
Learn when and how to plant different vegetable seeds
Vegetable Planting Guide