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Rare Florida Ghost Orchid Flowers in UK for 1st Time

The rare and endangered Florida Ghost Orchid (Dendrophylax lindenii) has flowered in UK for the first time. The orchid bud has been on show at the Chelsea Flower Show in an Orchid Conservation Display created by a collaboration between J.P. Wright Company of Florida, GrowTro...Read More

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Raymond Evison Wins 33rd Gold & Royal Visit

The RHS Chelsea Flower Show received a regal visit on Monday as His Majesty King Charles III made a special appearance at the renowned event. His Majesty's presence added a touch of grandeur to the already vibrant and captivating showcase of botanical wonders. Among the m...Read More

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Horatio's Garden wins Best in Show at Chelsea Flower Show

Designed for Horatio’s Garden, the UK-based charity that nurtures wellbeing after spinal injury in vibrant sanctuaries in NHS spinal centres, Horatio’s Garden Chelsea is an adaptive garden that puts the priorities of all those with different mobility needs at its...Read More

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