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Stihl GTA 26 Cordless Garden Pruner Review

Rating: 4.5 out of 5 (from 255 reviews)

The GTA 26 is a versatile battery-powered garden pruner, specifically designed for small pruning tasks, cutting garden waste, and handling minor DIY projects with ease.

This tool is crafted for user comfort and simplicity. It features ergonomic, rubberised handles that provide excellent control during use. Additionally, it comes with a movable protective hood for enhanced safety, a charge level indicator to keep track of battery life, and a convenient tool-free chain replacement system, making maintenance quick and easy.

The GTA 26 package is comprehensive and includes an AS 2 battery for reliable power, an AL 1 charger to keep the tool ready for use, and a bottle of Multioil Bio for efficient chain lubrication. The set also comes with a carry case, which includes eyelets on the back for wall mounting, ensuring neat and organised storage.

Image of Stihl GTA 26 Cordless Garden Pruner

What users think:

The GTA 26 is a compact, battery-powered garden pruner that has received largely positive reviews reviews. On the plus side, it is highly praised for its convenience and ease of use. Many users appreciate its lightweight design, making it ideal for quick jobs and everyday use in the garden. The rubberised handles provide excellent control, and the tool-free chain replacement system simplifies maintenance. It's perfect for small pruning tasks, cutting garden waste, and even minor DIY projects.

However, the GTA 26 does have its limitations. The saw is only suitable for cutting smaller material and should not be considered an alternative to a 'real' chainsaw. Battery life is another significant consideration, with only about 10 minutes of cutting time per battery and over an hour required for recharging. This short battery life can be frustrating, especially for those accustomed to the robust performance of other Stihl products like chainsaws and hedge trimmers.

Direct quotes from owners:

Fantastic little saw. Brilliant for quick jobs where the wood isn't too thick. Simple maintenance routines as well to keep it going. Don't be fooled by the size - this is a serious piece of kit and you should be using full PPE with this.

Like all Stihl machinery the GTA 26 is extremely well made. Top quality materials and good features, but it’s performance is underwhelming. It certainly isn’t powerful and will come to a halt while cutting with anything but the very lightest of pressure applied.
Battery life is very poor. 10 minutes of cutting time per battery at the most. Then over an hour to charge each battery. This is the biggest limitation of the tool. You can adapt to the low power of the motor but short battery life stops you in your tracks. I’ve worked in arboriculture for years and use Stihl chainsaws, hedge trimmers, brush cutters etc. and rate them highly. The GTA 26 is for occasional, very small jobs.

I use this machine almost everyday In my garden, for us ladies who garden hard it's light weight and made my life so much easier... A seriously strong piece of kit.. Need 2 batteries for sure.. I have a large garden and husband also uses it for small garden jobs but does cut small trees.. Keep extra chains and always oil well it will keep going I have had mine working hard for over 2 years...

Price: £163.00

(at time of writing)

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