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Greenworks G40HT61 Cordless Hedge Trimmer Review

Rating: 4.6 out 5 (from 362 reviews)

The Greenworks G40HT61 Cordless Hedge Trimmer is a lightweight and compact garden tool that is ideal for medium-sized hedges. With a weight of just 2.8kg and a 61cm blade, this trimmer is designed to make cutting, trimming and pruning hedges quick and easy, while keeping them looking neat and tidy.

The trimmer is equipped with dual-action blades that move together simultaneously to provide superior cutting performance, enabling faster, cleaner and effortless cutting. Moreover, an anti-jam system is incorporated to help prevent foliage from getting stuck between the blades.

In addition, the trimmer head can pivot up to 125°, allowing for comfortable and precise trimming of hedges in both horizontal and vertical positions. This feature ensures accurate and efficient trimming, especially in tight spaces or when working on tricky angles.

The Greenworks G40HT61 Cordless Hedge Trimmer is sold as a kit or as a 'tool only' package that does not come with a battery. It is compatible with any Greenworks 40V 2Ah or 4Ah battery, making it a convenient and cost-effective option for those who already own a Greenworks 40V tool. By reusing the same battery, it reduces waste and saves storage space.

Finally, the Greenworks G40HT61 Cordless Hedge Trimmer comes with a 3-year guarantee, ensuring that the product is backed by the manufacturer's commitment to quality and customer satisfaction.

Image of Greenworks G40HT61 Cordless Hedge Trimmer

What users think:

The Greenworks G40HT61 Cordless Hedge Trimmer has garnered mixed reviews from its users, with some praising its ease of use, good battery life, and overall convenience, while others have expressed concerns regarding its noise levels, performance on larger stems, and reliability issues.

According to users, one of the standout features of this hedge trimmer is its user-friendly design, making it easy to handle and operate. Its lightweight construction adds to its manoeuvrability, allowing users to navigate through their hedges with relative ease. This feature has been appreciated by those who find heavy gardening equipment cumbersome and tiring to use.

Another aspect that has received positive feedback from users is the hedge trimmer's battery life. Many users have found that the Greenworks G40HT61 performs admirably on a single charge, allowing them to trim their hedges without interruptions or the need to frequently recharge the battery. This extended battery life has proven to be a valuable asset for individuals with larger properties or extensive hedgerows to maintain.

However, a few drawbacks have also been highlighted by users. One of the major concerns raised is the noise generated by the trimmer during operation. Some users have found the noise level to be quite high, which can be bothersome, especially for those living in noise-sensitive areas or seeking a more peaceful gardening experience.

Additionally, several users have reported difficulties with the trimmer when tackling thicker or more robust stems. The Greenworks G40HT61 may struggle to effectively cut through these larger branches, which can be frustrating for owners dealing with dense hedges or vegetation requiring more substantial trimming.

Furthermore, some users have expressed concerns about the reliability of this particular hedge trimmer model. There have been reports of mechanical issues and malfunctions, leading to a decrease in overall performance and potentially requiring repairs or replacements.

Direct quotes from owners:

I got this to replace a petrol hedge cutter multi function things which was a pain to get started. Having spent 30 mins unsuccessfully trying to fire it up I decided to get a battery powered product. Last year I bought a greenworks chainsaw after my Stihl petrol one got stolen, so it made sense to buy this model of hedge cutter as it uses the same batteries. I was surpised at how light it was, lighter than my petrol one. That really helps as it was quite a workout before. So far I have not run the battery down in one session and my hedge is about 50m long. So easy to use, light, reliable - ticks all the boxes as far as I am concerned.

This is a lightweight tool which is easy to use. It cut through thick branches of my hedge with ease. I was glad not to have to buy a battery as I already have one for my strimmer. The battery power lasted well for one task but I shall see with more use how long it goes on for.

I have other Greenworks tools that is why I bought this, sadly it is disappointing as it jammed after a short while. I found a way to unjam it on youtube but it took a while and if it turns into a bigger job the method of unjamming is much more complex. Apart from this the tool is easy to use and cuts well, but now I will will be waiting in fear for the next jam

Price: £94.64

(at time of writing)

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