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Three Top Medals for Mark Gregory's 100th Garden

THE King of Chelsea has triumphed at RHS Chelsea yet again – with not just a Gold Medal on his 100th garden at the world’s most prestigious flower show, but a Best Construction and Best Sanctuary Garden Award too. And he bagged Landform Consultants a Best Trade Stand Award for his work on the Gaze Burvill stand for good measure as well.

Mark Gregory, 61, has been building show gardens at RHS Chelsea Flower Show since he was 26 years old and has never missed a year.

This year, he and his team have built five gardens at the show. His 100th garden, Bible Society: The Psalm 23 Garden designed by Sarah Eberle won a Gold Medal yesterday morning. It was shortly followed by Best Construction and Best Sanctuary Garden gongs too.

Mark, who has spent a sixth of his life on the Chelsea showground, said: “I am very, very chuffed to get a Gold Medal for my 100th garden at RHS Chelsea. It is quite a landmark! I really am so very pleased.

“To maintain the gold standard over the years is a fantastic feeling. To know we have delivered is fantastic. “It has been a delight to work with Sarah Eberle for the first time, she is a veteran of Chelsea and I am so pleased to be able to maintain her record of an 18th Gold Medal. It is a superb garden and it has certainly been a superb build. In fact, it has been one of the easiest build I have ever done.

“Chelsea is very much a coming together of great people, working on great things. These awards cement that and set a benchmark. It is a world-class event with world-class quality to match and I am proud to be a part of that.

“RHS Chelsea Flower Show has been a major part of my life, it has been 34 years of grinding it out through thick and thin. “Designing gardens is my passion and I have been sad not to be designing one myself this year, but it is still wonderful to be building for someone else. And I will come back to Chelsea to design again.

“Over the 100 gardens I have worked on at Chelsea, I can honestly say that I have never got bored - there have always been challenges to step up and overcome, which keeps you on your toes. Ultimately, I am a showman and this is a wonderful craft that you learn more and more about over the years.

“With these awards today, I feel we are setting the benchmark for exemplary builds. My whole team knows how to deliver iconic gardens. It is not a happy accident. There are tears and tantrums along the way, but over the years there is an easy calmness on how to overcome obstacles – sometimes on an hourly basis! It is a huge part of my life and I love it. ”

This year Landform Consultants has built five showpieces at the world famous show.

These include:

The RHS & BBC Garden of Hope designed by Arit Andersen – RHS Feature Garden

The BBC One Show and RHS Garden of Hope illustrates how gardening and growing plants provides hope and joy as we enjoy the fruits of our labour as our plants flourish and grow.

Bible Society: The Psalm 23 Garden designed by Sarah Eberle – Show Garden

Sarah Eberle’s interpretation of Psalm 23, ‘The Lord is my Shepherd’ is a garden that offers a place to breathe, re-engage with nature, and feel mentally, physically and spiritually restored. The garden is inspired by the landscape of Dartmoor, where Sarah grew up, and takes the form of a place of sanctuary, a haven. It draws you in and allows you to spend time with the soothing character of the landscape.

Parsley Box Garden designed by Alan Williams - Sanctuary Garden

The Parsley Box Sanctuary Garden seeks to champion and empower the over 60s and challenge the out-dated stereotypes of ageing.

The design is contemporary, sleek and elegant with an outdoor kitchen adjacent to an entertaining space sheltered by a cantilevered pergola and flanked by tiered planters, enabling accessibility for all generations. Inspired by the philosophy of conserving nature’s bounty through fermentation and preservation, the borders are brimming with edibles to forage and bring flavour to dishes, all the while minimising food waste.

Landform Balcony Garden designed by Nicola Hale – Balcony Garden

A place for the homeowner to relax and entertain with early modernist architecture inspiring the craftsmanship and detailing of the bespoke planters. The plant choices, primarily for pollinators, provide a habitat that contributes to the valuable wildlife corridors in our cities. The palette is bright and sunny, using colours attractive to honey, bumble and solitary bees.

The Gaze Burvill Trade Stand

The Gaze Burvill garden display explores how recent events have triggered a recalibration in the significance of how our outside spaces are keeping us happy, healthy and connected to each other and nature.

The front area of the display brings a ‘rural refined’ concept to life with the back area of the display being inspired by wild Hampshire.

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This story was published on: 24/09/2021

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