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Flower Carpet Pink Inducted into Rose Hall of Fame

Flower Carpet Pink has become only the 18th rose to be inducted into the World Federation of Rose Societies prestigious Rose Hall of Fame. The announcement was made at the Word Rose Congress held in Adelaide earlier this month.

Bred by Noack Roses in 1988 and introduced in the UK in 1991 Flower Carpet Pink continues to capture the imagination of gardeners and non-gardeners alike with its abundance of blooms, glossy foliage and easy-care characteristics. Robert Wharton, rose grower and licensee for Noack Roses in the UK commented ‘ With environmental consideration such as water and chemical reduction increasing in importance Flower Carpet with its excellent drought tolerance and superb health will be a feature in gardens and green spaces well into the future.

The creator of Flower Carpet Pink, Werner Noack passed away recently and his son Reinhard accepted the award from Henrianne de Briey President of the WFRS. On receiving the award Reinhard Noack said ‘Such a success is not the merit of only one person – three generations of the Noack family, our employees and national and international partners have all contributed to make Flower Carpet Pink a true rose of the world’.

No stranger to accolades for outstanding performance the Flower Carpet collection has won 11 gold medals and 14 awards from rose trials held around the world. Both Reinhard and his son Steffen continue Werner’s work in creating both beautiful and useful roses, including Cherry, the latest addition to the Flower Carpet family. The Flower Carpet collection have combined sales of over 100 million plants globally since the launch of Flower Carpet Pink.

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This story was published on: 11/11/2022

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