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Why Your Garden Should Be A Home For All This Winter

The homes and gardens expert Homebase is helping to show how easy it is to turn gardens into spaces for biodiversity to thrive after research revealed that despite 74% of people understanding the importance of getting gardens winter ready, 40% say they don’t feel confident when it comes to gardening. However, over 70% want to broaden their knowledge and do more.

The popularity of gardening soared last summer, with spending up by 12.5% in gardening categories overall (43% specifically in bedding plants) **, and so Homebase is encouraging the nation to continue looking after their outdoor spaces in the colder months too. Its G-Waste (garden waste) initiative is encouraging adults and children to take on their own garden tidy-up to help Britain’s wildlife hibernate safely to boost biodiversity.

When it comes to compost, 62% of people understand the importance of composting garden waste - including it being more environmentally friendly or reducing what goes to landfill - but are more likely (68%) to use store-bought compost than make their own. Homebase is showing just how easy it is to make more sustainable compost choices, with research revealing that just over 40% of green fingered Brits make their own compost heap or take their garden waste to a recycling centre. If composting at home isn’t an option, customers are encouraged to use peat-free compost instead.

It’s not just adults who are showing an interest in winter gardening - watering plants (47%) as well as planting and weeding (42%) topped the list of tasks that parents enjoy doing with their children. However, activities such as laying out food for animals (18%) and making bug hotels (20%) scored much lower in popularity.

Stephen Pitcher, Homebase Trading Director for Garden & Seasonal, comments, “Our customers are getting their homes and gardens ready for winter, and we’re here to help make it easy. It’s important that we look after our gardens in a way that encourages wildlife. We have all the products, advice and inspiration to help prep gardens for winter, whether it’s the right tools and products to use or tips on sustainable composting and creating a home for wildlife."

More ideas, helpful tips, and fun activities for everyone to help boost biodiversity can be found on www.homebase.co.uk/garden-outdoor/home-for-all.list. Customers are also encouraged to share their green fingered transformations using #HotFromHomebase on Instagram.

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This story was published on: 29/10/2021

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