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UK Goes Peat Free

The Government have announced a ban on the sale of peat by 2024 to 'protect peatlands and the natural environment'. The move means that no amateur gardeners will be able to buy peat for their gardens after the date set in the announcement, although it will still be used in some commercial horticultural settings.

The decision, which is part of the wider strategy on climate change and 'net zero', has been brought in as the government have claimed that, despite being UKs largest carbon store, only 13% of peat bogs in the UK are in their natural state. According to the official government website, peat bog degradation has been caused by a variety of factors including drainage for agricultural use, overgrazing and burning, as well as extraction for use in horticulture.

The ban is being heralded as having 95% public support after an 'extensive public consultation', despite only 5000 responses being received from the UK's population of 67 million. While many support the government's strategy to reduce the UK's carbon output, the move may prove controversial amongst home gardeners, with many people reporting poor results with peat alternative compost over recent years.

To see the results of Val and Steve's peat free compost trial, features in Amateur Gardening Magazine, Click Here.

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This story was published on: 27/08/2022

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