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RHS Gardens Spring Activity Programme

As the days grow longer and the weather milder, spring is a time of renewed beauty in the RHS gardens. To make the most of all that this season has to offer visitors can enjoy family trails, plant shows, expert talks and much more at RHS Garden Bridgewater in Greater Manchester, RHS Garden Harlow Carr in North Yorkshire, RHS Garden Hyde Hall in Essex, RHS Garden Rosemoor in Devon and RHS Garden Wisley in Surrey this spring.


All Gardens:

A Celebration of Tulips, March-May

Enjoy the sight of thousands of tulips across all five RHS Gardens, as they provide a visual feast of Spring colour in a variety of shapes, sizes and tones.

Mother’s Day, 19 March

Take in the beautiful sights at one of the five RHS Gardens, enjoy a delicious afternoon tea, and browse the shops for thoughtful Mother’s Day gifts.

RHS Garden Bridgewater:

Walkies at Bridgewater, Dates TBC

Explore the beautiful outdoor areas of RHS Garden Bridgewater with your four-legged friend.

Potting Shed Exhibtions: What’s Next for RHS Bridgewater?, March

A small exhibit focussing on the next phase of the RHS Garden Bridgewater development on the terraces.

RHS Garden Harlow Carr:

Japanese Shop, 7 January – 19 March

The hugely popular Japanese shop returns with products sourced from all over Japan including stunning silk kimonos, traditional kokeshi dolls, exquisite tableware and beautiful art prints.

Bathhouse Exhibitions - BAMM North Exhibition ‘Coast and Country’, 23 March-16 April

Discover this unique art form in an entirely new way, as the British Association for Modern Mosaic showcase pieces inspired by a connection to nature, created using an infinite range of materials.

Cyclamen Show, 25 March

The Cyclamen Society bring prize specimens and expert knowledge to RHS Harlow Carr to celebrate these attractive spring plants. Visitors can also discover a selection of plants and seeds for sale.

RHS Garden Hyde Hall:

RHS Daffodil Show, 22-23 March

Come along to RHS Hyde Hall’s Daffodil Show to see hundreds of daffodils on display, along with the opportunity for avid gardeners to learn more about daffodils and enjoy swathes of yellow flowers scattered around the gardens.

RHS Garden Rosemoor:

Spring Flower Show, 11-12 March

Come and view exquisite displays of top quality blooms. Focusing on camellias, early magnolias and rhododendrons, in addition to the RHS Early Camellia competition, the show includes classes on ornamental shrubs and a Rosemoor Daffodil and RHS Hyacinth competition too.

Go Green Weekend, 18-19 March

A weekend of education, fun and learning about the environment, with opportunities to meet experts, attend talks, and learn how to upcycle items that can be saved from going to landfill. Don’t miss the display of sculptures using recycled items!

Alpine Garden Society Show, 25 March

Come along and see some of the best-grown alpines in the country. There will be a showcase of the finest varieties of these hardy little horticultural gems and UK alpine plant growers on hand to give advice.

RHS Garden Wisley:

Houseplant Takeover: Deep Sea Dive, 4 February – 12 March

Be transported to a colourful reef below the surface of the sea. Discover familiar houseplants mixed with weird and wonderful specimens amongst shipwrecks and treasure chests.

Bonsai Society Show, 11-12 March

Enjoy beautiful spring-themed bonsai displays as well as advice and demonstrations on growing, repotting and training them. There will also be plants and bonsai equipment for sale for all size trees as well as the wonderful handmade 'accent' pots that are always hugely popular.

Orchid Show, 17-19 March

Marvel at stunning displays from 10 specialist Orchid growers, with opportunities to buy plants, attend talks and receive expert advice.


All Gardens:

Easter Holidays: Giant Easter Egg Hunt, 1-16 April

Discover the enormous painted eggs – featuring designs from last year’s competition winners - hidden around the gardens for families and children of all ages to discover, along with Easter-themed planting or craft workshops.

Dates and times vary per garden, please check the website for more information. Advance booking essential.

RHS Garden Bridgewater:

Spring Plant Fair, 1-2 April

Head to the Spring Plant Fair for the opportunity to buy specialist plants and get expert advice, as well as attend talks. In partnership with Plant Heritage North West.

Walkies at Bridgewater, Dates TBC

Explore the beautiful outdoor areas of RHS Garden Bridgewater with your four-legged friend.

Potting Shed Exhibitions, April-September

Exhibit on RHS Garden Bridgewater’s beautiful Chinese Streamside Garden, in collaboration with the RHS Lindley Library.

RHS Garden Harlow Carr:

RHS Spring Tulip, Daffodil and Rhododendron Competition, 29-30 March

The Spring Tulip, Daffodil and Rhododendron Competition brings prize specimens and expert knowledge to RHS Harlow Carr to celebrate these attractive spring plants. Visitors can also discover a selection of plants and seeds for sale.

RHS Garden Hyde Hall:

Spring Plant Fair, 22-23 April

Organised by Essex Plant Heritage, discover nurseries from across the region selling rare and unusual plants, and specialist plant societies on hand for advice.

Craft and Design Show, 28 April-1 May

Choose from a wonderful selection of handcrafted products designed and created by some of the UK’s most talented artists and craftspeople, against the beautiful backdrop of RHS Hyde Hall.

RHS Garden Rosemoor:

Great Wool Weekend, 15-16 April

Celebrate the multitude of ways that wool and yarn can be used practically and creatively in our daily lives. Stallholders, craft workshops and live woolly animals to meet. Plus visitors can knit and crochet bunting.

RHS National Rhododendron Show, 22-23 April

Marvel at the remarkable variety and colour of these beautiful, spring-flowering plants, with more than 60 classes covering all types of rhododendrons, as well as trade and advice stands, plus magnificent displays of magnolias and camellias.

RHS Garden Wisley:

Iris and Clematis Show, 22-23 April

Join the British Iris Society & the British Clematis Society for a fabulous colourful showcase of these popular plants. Displays and talks will feature late spring clematis and iris, as well as talks on their care and propagation.

Spring Craft Fair, 26 April-1 May

Meet some of the finest craftspeople in the UK and browse a range of contemporary and traditional crafts, as well as enjoying demonstrations and food.


All Gardens:

May Half Term: Sow Awesome, Dates TBC

Learn how to grow delicious vegetables, get top advice from RHS edibles experts, and find out about the myriad benefits of growing your own.

RHS Garden Bridgewater:

Walkies at Bridgewater, Dates TBC

Explore the beautiful outdoor areas of RHS Garden Bridgewater with your four-legged friend.

RHS Garden Hyde Hall:

Walkies at Hyde Hall, 18 & 25 May

Explore the beautiful outdoor areas of RHS Garden Hyde Hall with your four-legged friend.

RHS Garden Rosemoor:

NEW: Bonsai Weekend, 7-8 May

Sponsored by the Federation of British Bonsai Societies, meet specialist traders, marvel at displays, and enjoy a range of activities in the Garden, such as Taiko Drummng, Shin-rin Yoku, and guided walks

Walkies at Rosemoor, 10 May

Explore the beautiful outdoor areas of RHS Garden Rosemoor with your four-legged friend.

Plant Heritage Spring Plant Fair, 14 May

Discover a wide variety of rare and unusual trees, shrubs and perennials from local Devon nurseries for sale under the Plant Heritage banner – a must for all keen gardeners and plant collectors.

NEW: Tibetan Discovery Weekend, 26-28 May

RHS Rosemoor welcomes eight Tashi Lhunpo Monks as part of their 50th Anniversary Year tour. Watch as they construct a Sand Mandala over three days, culminating in a special blessing on Sunday afternoon. Opportunities to hear monastic music, learn about their traditional dress, and much more.

RHS Garden Wisley:

British Cactus & Succulent Society Show, 13 May

Join the British Cactus and Succulent Society for wonderful displays of these fascinating plants, buy plant from specialist nurseries and join talks on successful growing at home.

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This story was published on: 16/12/2022

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