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Best New Plant at BBC Gardeners' World Live

This week saw the 2022 Gardeners World Live Event take place at the Nation Exhibition Centre in Birmingham. Every year, at the event, an award is given to the best new plant and we are pleased to announce that the winner of the 2022 Best New Plant Award is a Sweet Pea named after the late Peter Seabrook.

Nursery/breeder: Sow Successful Ltd
Plant Name: Sweet Pea 'Peter Seabrook'
Genus: Sweet Pea
Variety: 'Peter Seabrook'

Plant information

'Peter Seabrook' is a new Sweet Pea variety, named in tribute to the veteran plantsman. Key characteristics: Early and very long flowering
Highly scented
Long stemmed
A vigorous grower
Highly resistant to disease and grows problem-free

Growing conditions:

Bright and sunny position
Lots of air movement
Plenty of space
Best grown on sticks in the middle or towards the back of a border


At the age of six, Sweet Peas were the first seeds that Peter Seabrook bought with his pocket money. He grew the plants in the family garden, then cut and sold the blooms to the local florist. By the age of 14, he was an accomplished grower and continued to be so his entire life. Peter Seabrook spotted this new Sweet Pea at the Sow Successful trial ground in 2021 and recognised its potential. He was extremely enthusiastic about it from the start, so when Peter died in January 2022, the naming of the new variety was the perfect tribute. HM The Queen was presented with a posy of the new Sweet Peas at this year's Chelsea Flower Show.


Sweet Pea 'Peter Seabrook' seeds will be available to buy early autumn 2022 for September and October planting. Autumn sowing is recommended for the best crop. 1.00 from every packet sold will be donated to the Floral Fantasia garden at RHS Hyde Hall, created and maintained by Peter Seabrook. 10,000 packets will be available in 2022, increasing in 2023.

Above: Sweet Pea 'Peter Seabrook' / Below: L-R Neil Gow, Molli & David Hurrion

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This story was published on: 17/06/2022

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