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Your Soil In Safe Hands

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The founder of Safe Soil UK has always been an avid fan of growing vegetables in his urban London garden. Two years ago, when he started to hear local rumours that a site near his house was once a battery factory, he decided to root out potentially harmful contaminants in his soil. However, the process turned out to be costly, complicated and lengthy, with many questions being asked of him, which he simply did not know the answers to, surely, he should have been receiving the answers he needed!

So, after seeing how difficult the whole process was, Safe Soil UK was born. The team interpret customer's results and where conflicts exist, they point them out to allow customers, to make informed decisions and, hopefully, provide peace of mind. When that’s not possible, Safe Soil UK are happy to share recommendations on potential remediation approaches.

Safe Soil UK believe the testing of urban soils should be easy to do - and, in turn, the results of this testing should be straightforward to understand.

There are a wide array of tests available, including the 'Basic Metals Screen' priced at £50, which covers ten common metals that can be present in urban and rural soils, in some cases at levels that can contaminate growing spaces and pose serious risks to our health. Chief among these are the big three of lead, mercury and arsenic.

For fertility, the 'State Of Your Soil' test priced at £70, provides analysis of soil pH, texture and organic matter as well as a measure of the three major plant nutrients: potassium, phosphorus and magnesium. Detailed interpretation of the results is provided and suggestions on how to best improve soil quality with appropriate fertiliser recommendations to help customers get the most from their garden - whether that involves growing vegetables, fruit, flowers, lawns or a combination of these.

To find out more, visit Safe Soil UK

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