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Green Walls: How to create the look

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Many houseplant enthusiasts and urban jungle style afficionados would love to create a green wall in their home but aren’t sure how to achieve it with their own DIY skills. Not only do green walls enable people to indulge their passion for plants without taking up any more premium surface space, but they are highly desirable from an aesthetic point of view and make for Instagram-worthy domestic scenes that will be the envy of friends and followers.

The self-watering planter specialists at LECHUZA have the perfect solution with their innovative modular green wall kit, which can easily be set up in any room of the house, be it living room, kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, home office, you name it. You can create a stylish and hygienic easy- pick herb garden in the kitchen, a luxuriant wall of foliage in your main living space or a jungle of humidity-loving plants in a steamy bathroom. The world really is your oyster!

Choose the right plants

Many beautiful houseplants are suitable for planting in a green wall system, with fresh and fragrant herbs being a brilliant option, especially if you’re planning to do this in the kitchen. Basil, Chives, Parsley and Rosemary sprigs will look and smell fabulous, although you’ll have to keep the Rosemary well pruned as it can grow quite quickly. This is a really interesting way for people to dip their toe into Grow-Your-Own without taking up too much surface space and without the need for their own outdoor garden or patio.

Green walls set up out of the kitchen would lend themselves to pretty succulents, such as easy-care Crassula (Money Plant or Jade Plant), although you’ll need to keep it well trimmed as these plants typically grow quickly. You can also get creative with delicate trailing houseplants, such as Golden or Satin Pothos, or an exotic Staghorn Fern which will help fill any spaces in the green wall for a spectacular urban jungle effect. Slow-growing miniature cacti will also bring unusual textures, colours and the overall variety which makes for a successful green wall system.

How to set up your green wall

The green walls are very straightforward to set up and you have the choice of either buying a ready-made kit or kits or putting them together yourself. The easiest solution is to purchase a LECHUZA Green Wall kit which includes three planters, magnetic brackets, sticks and water level indicator. Colours are MATT WHITE or SLATE or HIGH GLOSS WHITE, CHARCOAL or RED.

If you choose to do it yourself, you will need the following equipment in as many combinations as you need to achieve the desired effect:

METAL BAR: This sturdy metal strip available from LECHUZA is the foundation of the green wall system, enabling you to easily attach the CUBE 14 and elongated CUBE Tripe to walls. You can hang up to three CUBE 14 planters or one CUBE Tripe planter on a single bar and combine several metal stripes to create a lush hanging garden, even in unusual or tucked away places.

MAGNETIC BRACKETS are needed to fix the metal bar. The brackets are 4 x 14cm per piece and must be ordered separately to the bar. They are suitable only for indoor use and have maximum weight requirements.

CUBE 14 planter in white, slate, lime green, sand brown, or limited-edition ivory, Caribbean blue or blackberry. Includes planter, water level indicator and stick.

CUBE 14 GLOSSY KISS: These contemporary planters look fabulous in high gloss glitter finish, in cashmere cream, cherry pie and sweet candy. With their high-quality lacquered surfaces, these gleaming eye-catchers give rooms an elegant touch.

CUBE Colour Triple solution includes planter with room for three plants, removable plant liner, water level indicator and brackets, available in MATT white, slate, lime green and sand brown. The same style planter is available in a HIGH-GLOSS finish in white, charcoal and scarlet red.

CUBE 14 SET: LECHUZA offers the CUBE 14 planter model in sets which include one triple planter and one single planter, plus water level indicators and sticks. RRP: £52.23

Don’t forget…all planters purchased from LECHUZA enjoy a 30-day returns policy and a three- year warranty.

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