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Beat the Bugs This Summer

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Treat insect bites with concentrated heat therapy and no chemicals. Without the hassle of creams or ointments - in just one click.

Summer is finally in sight and with it we can hope for some more sunshine, less rain and a much-needed holiday. The bad news is, summer is also the season for insect bites and the associated itching and pain. bite away®, the original bite and sting treatment device made in Germany, offers a chemical-free, practical and sustainable solution.

The bite away® original treatment for bites and stings is a dermatologically tested medical product from mibeTec GmbH - a subsidiary of the Dermapharm Group - which looks like a pen and works exclusively with heat, completely without chemicals. The operation is very simple: apply, switch on, wait and breathe a sigh of relief. With just one click, the circular ceramic contact surface at the tip of the electronic thermal device heats up to a temperature of approximately 51 °C and maintains this temperature for three or five seconds, depending on the chosen setting.

The heat impulse activates various signalling pathways in the body that positively influencer the immune response and suppress inflammatory reactions. The bite away® device can provide fast relief from the itching and pain caused by insect bites and stings, often within just one minute, proven by a clinical study*. This makes bite away® the first - and to date only - product of its kind with proven effectiveness in clinical studies as well as in an already published application study*. As a rule, one application is enough to provide lasting relief from the symptoms of insect bites and stings. Children and adults with sensitive skin are recommended to choose the short three-second treatment duration, and for all others the five second setting is suggested. Messy creams and ointments are a thing of the past with the bite away® treatment.

The housing of the bite away® device is made of medical plastic and has a ceramic contact surface. For five years in a row, bite away® has been rated "VERY GOOD" in independent comparative tests, followed in 2021 by the Dermatest® seal "VERY GOOD" - an award for independently tested, dermatological products. The heat treatment is skin-friendly and recommended for allergy sufferers and pregnant women. Due to its easy handling and the built-in patented safety system, which guarantees the protection of the skin, the bite away® stick is also suitable for unsupervised use by children from the age of 12. Parents can use the device on children from three years of age, provided the child understands the procedure and gives consent. Its slim design also makes the device ideal when travelling or on-the-go. The two AA LR6 1.5V batteries supplied last for up to 300 uses and can be replaced if necessary.

IMPORTANT! If you are allergic to insect venom, treatment with a sting treatment device will not help. Allergy sufferers should always carry a suitable emergency kit to avoid an adverse allergic reaction.

For further information, please visit: www.bite-away.com.

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